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George Daniel [x]

Fight to Keep
Run River North

Music Monday #4

Fight to Keep Run River North

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a fresh new indie alternative sound pretty reminiscent of the head and the heart, run river north have a sound that you can’t help but dance to. i definitely recommend checking them out some more because they’re as amazing, if not better, live as they are on their recorded tracks

alright so this is the only thing I’m going to say on the matter and I’m only saying something because of one individual in particular who’s Twitter I won’t explicitly name and they probably aren’t even technically a part of “this fandom” but still

if anyone ever takes to a social media account to slander, bully, or otherwise attack someone, dan or any other celebrity for that matter, with regards to not meeting people after shows then please just delete your Twitter. they reply to tweets as an outreach to try and talk to fans in their free time and get the word out about their careers they don’t want to be bombarded by people crying and harassing them because they can’t spend any chance they get to meet fans. That’s not feasible. It isn’t their job and it certainly isn’t anyone else’s job that they have to cater to the whim of fans that wait to meet them. They’re VERY BUSY PEOPLE and I cannot stress this enough.

Take for example a few months ago during the festival circuit when Dan’s voice was very clearly strained and all across my dash all I saw were posts saying that dan should take a break and preserve his voice and poor dan but now I see some of those same people attacking him for not choosing to meet them over getting the sleep he deserves and needs to function properly.

That’s all I’m gonna say because this rant could continue for an eternity but yeah just please please please stop creating issues where they shouldn’t even be any. Be happy that they’re still making music. Be happy that they do even take the time to meet people when they can because they certainly don’t owe it to anyone. Be respectful of them and conscious that they are humans and humans need to rest and need time for themselves.

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For music Monday! Not a band but my favorite musician! Lewis Watson! He's very adorable. :) he released a bunch of EPs since like 2012 and he finally just released a full album and it's amazing! You should listen to him! If you don't like it, that's ok. I just am always trying to get people to listen to his music because I love it so much. :)

he’s so adorable! and i listened to stay and he’s got a really nice sound i really like it! thank you for the recommendation!

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music monday thingy mabob: you should try big idea by the black book

i’ve seen this video before!!! i never got a chance to just listen to the song on it’s own because the video was so overpowering but it’s such a tune thank you for reminding me about it!

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Music Monday recommendation; Weightless by All Time Low, it's their 'popular' song but I really like it! :)

ah yes i do know this! i used to be obsessed with this song back in like 6th grade or something i think haha

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Hello! It's your Hozier anon! I found him like a month ago, and I can't stop listening to him, and yes he is very perfect!

HELLO! yes yes yes he’s amazing i can’t even remember when i found him out but it was such a good day he’s got such a incredible voice i’m so happy he finally released a full length album

Hey! For music monday, I'm gonna recommend Run River North (especially their song Excuses) I just found them the other day and I'm in love

that music video was the best thing over oh my god the first minute or so is me every time i have to go somewhere

they’re all so fricken cute and talented i really really like them liv damn nice recommendation!

For Music Monday, how about Charlie's Inferno by That Handsome Devil? It's a little strange but I find it catchy I guess.

i was totally not expecting it to start that way i was so caught off guard. this sounds like something that would be in like a normal every day version of the nightmare before christmas i don’t even know how to describe it i kinda like his voice it’s different

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Music rec for tomorrow: Cosmic Angel by Grizfolk (:

!!! GRIZFOLK THOUGH <3 i’ll work on adding it to the list! thank you!

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Yo you should listen to kid get hyped by deskee, it's like classic 90s house music (even if you don't like house you'll love 90s house) and i'm p sure the music video is one of the 7 wonders of the world

i have no idea what i just watched but i know that this song is now stuck in my head